LGD Gaming picks up new Team!
LGD Gaming Female DOTA 2 Team 2013

LGD Gaming picks up new Team!

One of the biggest names in the DOTA 2 professional community is LGD Gaming, originating from China. A few months back, they have revealed that they picked up a female DOTA 2 team, which is composed of the following lineup:

“yoyiki.Una” (Manager)
“Leah” (Captain)

We wish the best of luck to these ladies! Read the FB source of announcement below or visit their facebook page!

Today, we are very pleased to announce the acquisition of an all-female¬†Dota 2squad led by Zhao “Leah” Jie. We are very satisfied with our Chinese and international squads, and we hope that the addition of an all-female team will help develop the scene in China.

They will play a showmatch against our Chinese team on Friday afternoon during Chinajoy.

We hope that you will support this team as much as you support our Chinese and international ones.

Thank you!

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