Queens of Paint
Queens of Paint DOTA 2 Female Squad

Queens of Paint

We find yet another female DOTA 2 Team, and this time, they are an interesting one because they have quite the international composition! We wish the best of luck to the ladies in Queens of Paint (qop.) and we look forward to hearing about their DOTA 2 ventures!

Here is an official statement from their facebook page:

Queens of Paint is an all female Dota 2 squad.

Our dedication to this game is all very important to us, trying to constantly improve and practice.
We maintain a positive Team Matchmaking record and we usually sign up for various open tournaments for fun.
Our biggest goal is to improve enough to advance in these open tournaments and to stand our ground vs. a more known team.

Our roster is a mix of very skilled DotA veterans and of girls who started their Dota expirience with the beta. Information to each invidual player you find below.

Audrey “Pika” Champeau
Position 2 / France
Audrey has been playing DotA for eight years now and is hence the most expirienced player on our squad. She has been member of one of the best french teams, SoS, where she played with her brother Aleau and Sockshka, who is today playing at Quantic Gaming.

Bernadett “Majiva” Koncz (Manager)
Position 3 / Hungary
Betty has started playing DotA in December 2011 and has no expirience with other MOBAs and is hence the most unexpirienced player. She is however quickly improving, showing a huge interest for the mechanics of the game and is providing an analytical contribution to the games.

Milica “MillyMe” Pesic
Position 1 / Serbia
Mili has been playing DotA for roughly seven years now. When joining the team she swichted from playing support to playing carry. She is showing great skill and dedication to her role, despite it being a big change for her.
She has recently played a shuffle player LAN tournament in Serbia, impressing people who attended with her talent.

Sabrina “Ashallien” Karczewski
Position 5 / Germany
Sabrina is quite new to DotA, playing only since November 2011. She has however improved in a very fast rate, being able to play nearly every position at a good standard. She also maintains our team spirit with her calm nature.

Samantha “Maehem” Thomas
Position 4 / South Africa
Sam has played DotA since 2007. Most recently she was part of Eclipse.fem, and before that she was the captain in an South African team, Transcend. She played with both teams in the South African DoGaming League. Due to her experience she is mostly leading in game, showing great reactions to what is happening on the map and decision making.


Sabrina "Ashallien" Karczewski

Sabrina “Ashallien” Karczewski

Milica "MillyMe" Pešic

Milica “MillyMe” Pešic

Audrey "Pika" Champeau

Audrey “Pika” Champeau

Samantha "Maehem" Thomas

Samantha “Maehem” Thomas

Bernadett "Majiva" Palma Koncz

Bernadett “Majiva” Palma Koncz






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