Team TactiX incomplete

Team TactiX incomplete

A couple of months ago, and after some changes, we presented the newest Swedish Female CS:GO lineup under the name of Team TactiX. They completed their team as fully Swedish when they took Mouse in replace of SquishyUnicorn. But it seems things did not work well enough to continue together and it is Mouse who leaves now an empty spot in the team. Here’s the message we could read on their official facebook site:

We are sorry to announce that Mouse is no longer in Team Tactix Ladies. Right now we are looking for a new 5th player. What we are looking for is a Swedish girl, who really wants to give 110%. We are playing Sunday to Thursday from 19:00 CET until 23:00 CET. Our goal right now is to go to Copenhagen Games. Are you the one? Do you have what it takes?

For more information visit their site on facebook or contact their remaining members on Steam:

  • Szanto
  • L.K.S
  • Janksson
  • yeahnnie

We would like to wish best luck to these girls and hopefully they find their last member to continue with their goals as a team!

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    No Emmaaaah! Team TacTiX does not exist anymore and two of these players (Szanto and yeahnie) are in OverGaming. LKS is in eSports Engine and Janksson is inactive now, I think or at least not in a team.

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