Introducing: A New Female DOTA 2 Community

Introducing: A New Female DOTA 2 Community

A new female DOTA 2 community has been born, united by the name Female DotA2, some of the girls from the scene have decided to put up a website just for news, and profiles of DOTA 2 female teams from around the world. You can send them an e-mail to let them know you want your own female DOTA 2 team featured on the website as well. Most importantly, there is a forum created recently that will allow you to search for teams or even female players.

A little bit about the admin group of Female DotA2: (Quoted from their website)

We are a group of gamers who’d like to encourage female gamers in the DotA2 international community. Many female teams speak their native languages and find it hard to communicate with female teams from other parts of the world. News regarding these teams are also largely confined to their geographical and cultural regions.

Our basic aim is to create a database of female gamers and news for the English speaking community, to raise awareness and support, and to provide a platform for female teams to meet and play with and against each other. The website is in beta and has a long way to go! If you think you could help us with our goals email us at

The group hopes to create a supportive community where female gamers can grow, both in skill and character, and eventually participate in international competitions unsegregated by gender.

The team that keeps this website alive :

Tammy aka furryfish*

Alix aka “Vixx”


Ksenia aka “kstorby”

Michael aka Mikky

The website recently featured news about the Female DotA2 SEA League that was taken place last year in November for the girls who are located in the SEA (South East Asia) Servers. The teams who participated were:

Vegetable Fish Fizz
PMS Asterisk*

If you would like to get your team noticed feel free to contact one of the admins of the community by visiting the website here. Also make sure you follow them on Facebook. We are really excited to see this new project and hope to see the female scene for DOTA 2 expand!

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