Introducing 5 Elements Female DOTA 2 Team!

Introducing 5 Elements Female DOTA 2 Team!

Recently we have gotten news about a new Female DOTA 2 team on the rise! Please welcome 5 Elements female team! We’ve had the pleasure of conducting an interview with one of their players, “mew” and she has this to share:

Please take some time to answer some of the following questions for your interview. First off what happened with your old female team, Queens of Paint? Why did you leave them?

Team Queens of Paint is still active and kicking ass with their new roster! You can check them out on facebook/queensofpaint . Anyway, with 4 other girls I was one of the founding members of the team and I started my competitive “career” together with them. After a fun but tough year and being a captain of the team for a while I’ve decided that it’s time for me to try something new. I felt I wasn’t happy and resigned from being captain and later we went inactive. No drama, no epic battles, just the feeling that you had enough of something and want to move on, I needed it as a player and they needed it as a team. We are still good friends.

After learning that you’ve left your own team, you went to create your own team. Can you give us a little information about your new team? How did you girls meet? Who plays what role in your team?

I was really into the idea of joining a male/mixed team! But shortly after that an old friend of mine told me that she is the captain of a new female dota 2 team and was looking for a fifth player in 1st position. Unfortunately I didn’t gather my own team, but I was lucky enough to get picked up by “Akaxia”. The other girls from ’5 elements’ I met for the first time once I joined the team.

5 Elements

5 Elements

 For your new team, what are some of your team goals? Will we be seeing you girls in any tournaments?

Our most important objective is practice and knowledge! Breaking up the alleged laning and heroes. We practice almost everyday for least 3 hours, sometimes more. We still need to learn a lot and improve faster so we are meganerdtryharding haha! Participating in open online tournaments(like BigPoint Battle or EIZO)/ online female tournaments ofcourse/going to a lan tournament/hopefully after some nice results getting sponsors one day :) And most important thing of all… to have fun together!

How different do you think your new team will be compared to your old team?

The playstyle of the two teams differ in many ways. In QOP we usually played a 4 protect 1 strategy, whereas in 5E we go for a more aggressive team-fight oriented  line ups. Of course since I was in QOP for a year, we played in a lot of tournaments and had great results (7-0 on Fem.League Summer 2013). I have high hopes and am really determined to so the same with 5 Elements, since our practice schedule is more consistent.

Thank you so much for your interview! We at Fesport wish you girls the best of luck! Any shoutouts or last comments?

In my opinion – gaming is gaming. There is no female/male dota, it’s all eSports! Try to have fun, make friends and enjoy! Shoutouts to ALL girls I’ve played with, my special ladies “Dannyn” and “Cephyrine”, ts channel donator “tRICKED@DrunKinDOTA” and all my tryharders who like to party long hours!!! (raod to1k party haha) Milly loves you! <3

About 5 Elements Female DOTA 2 Team:


Name: Maryjane “Akaxia” Ignao
Age: 29
Country: Philippines
Role: (3/offlane) windranger, mirana, queen of pain, chen, lone druid
Playstyle: defensive
Bio: Started playing Dota since 2004 but not continuous coz i also play other games. Didn’t really gain much those early years since i play in philippine servers to be with friends and have delay/lags in game. I only started improving when I went and play on european servers. Then Dota 2 came out, started March 2012, never went back to Dota 1 because Dota 2 is so much better and have so many features I love. Started joining female teams until I decided to form my own which includes 4 wonderful girls, we had some problems too like any other teams but managed to sort it out ourselves. When it comes to attitude and dedication to the team, i would say they are the best ones i found.
Name: Anastasia ‘Eanke” Kolobovnykova
Age: 21
Country: Ukraine
Role: (2/mid) Invoker, Visage, Queen Of Pain
Playstyle: Aggressive
Bio: Playing Dota 2 for half of year. Played support in pubs, now I mostly play solo mid. 5e is my first team with which we had taken part in previous all-female tournament on 21 of February.
Name: Andreea “Goddess” Gheorghe
Age: 24
Country: Romania
Role: (5/support) Mirana, Rubick, Windranger, Crystal Maiden
Playstyle: Aggressive
Bio: Playing Dota 2 for 2 years (played Counter-Strike before), wanted ever since the start to be apart of a female team in order to participate into competitive scene. Tried to form several teams, until Akaxia proposed to be apart of her’s. Currently playing the Hard Support role, which is fun and always challenging.
Name: Agnieszka “Sztuczka” Krupińska
Age: 24
Country: Poland
Role: (4/support) Dark seer, Nature’s Prophet, Lich
Playstyle: Mobility>all
Bio: Played DotA since 2008, moved to DOTA2 and has been playing it ever since the beta started. Former Head Admin of Poland on Garena, organiser of PDR Tournament vol. 1 & 2. Also playing as a member of Red Heels, sponsored by ALSEN Team. Is a licensed Engineer currently doing her MSc in Aviation&Aerospace in the UK.
Name: Milica “MillyMe” Pešić
Age: 22
Country: Serbia
Role: (1/Carry) PL Tuskar Razor
Playstyle: #yolo

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5 Elements

5 Elements

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