ESWC French Qualifier

ESWC French Qualifier

This is what we could read today at ESWC’s website:

The past few weeks six Counter-Strike:Global Offensive female teams completed the application form to be selected for the ESWC French Final at Paris Games Week. This final was originally scheduled for 4 teams. However to give a chance for more teams possible, the Organizing Committee has decided to select all of them for the French Final. Thus, the participating teams are:

Millenium (TORKA, SaAku, KLy, MiTsu, sword)
fm.eSports (Emma, Kaat, TueuSe, Amy, Svetlana)
Reason Gaming (Abiii, Foxglove, Kim, ShamSi, Missa)
Fureur Ladies (Carott, Ocey’, Loonie, Erilys, Camye)
Imaginary Gaming (PriincesS, AmandiiNe, RiMA, Lulla, Ju)
Team LDLC (Llo, IpSa, Kitty-KaT, JeNnY, Mouse)

The ESWC CS:GO female French Final will take place on Wednesday, 29th October. The tournament will consist in a group of 6 teams. The first two teams of the groupstage will qualify for a grand final played in best-of-three. The winner will get the last remaining slot for the ESWC Grand Final CS:GO female tournament.

Some of you might wonder where are 3DMAX (former Ultimate Gaming Ladies) who took the second place at Gamegune. Remember that the event in Spain offered a spot to the winner besides the prize money. Since Bad Monkey Gaming won but already had the defending champion slot, the second place could benefit from that slot.

Take a look at the list of teams right now that qualified for the event:

Defending Champion: European Union Bad Monkey Gaming
Invitational: United States Ubinited
Invitational: United States Team Karma
Gamegune: France 3DMAX
Nordic Qualification: Norway myXMG
Western Qualification: Germany Team ALTERNATE
Eastern Qualification: Russian Federation ACES Ladies
French Qualification: France TO BE ANNOUNCED – Paris Games Week

With the French Qualifier we will have the complete list of teams that will fight for the title of World Champion once again. Sadly we wont see any Latin American nor Asian teams as we’ve been used to see in the past when the event had more slots open and the game to be played was Counter Strike 1.6. We still hope to see a huge competition taking place again at ESWC and that is why we will continue supporting Female Gaming and following big events like the Electronic Sports World Cup and we encourage Copenhagen Games and Gamegune to give it a shot agan in 2015!

Now, get ready for the French Qualifier to start very soon!

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    Eastern Qualification: ALSEN Ladies ?

    our team’s called ACES Ladies.

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    Sorry for the mistake and the late answer. Was changed for a while :) Thanks.

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