FTS Gaming Acquires Female DOTA 2 Team
FTS Gaming

FTS Gaming Acquires Female DOTA 2 Team

When we first heard about FTS Gaming, we were immediately drawn to their female CS:GO team which competed in the Eastern European CSGO Female ESWC qualifiers in August. The girls were a Russian based team who lost to HyperShots female in the ESWC Eastern online qualifier. Today we received exciting news that the German-based gaming organization have decided to support a Russian Female DOTA 2 team as well. Luke “MuSc1″ Mehling, the managing figure of the FTS Organization, issued a statement about the arrival of their female DOTA 2 team.

Today is a good day to announce that the Russian female DotA II team, Lalochki, will be playing under FTS Gaming! I am very proud that one of the most talented and successful team in the Russian and European scene are ready to carry our organisation to the top. A 3rd place at Virtus Vincere Cup was only the beginning for these ladies! I am happy to say that we will bring a new feeling to the European female scene. Together with these five girls, which were former players in big Russian pro-gaming teams, I know that we can reach our goal to become a top competitor.

I promise that I will do my very best to offer our fans the finest gaming action. You can see for yourselves when you take a look at our streams and our social media sites! I am sure that all the girls have the mindset and the motivation to influence the European scene. I wanna give a warm welcome to the new team and a big thank you for everyone’s support.

Since our cs:go female team got a lot of attention and positive feedback, I would like to give my thanks and respect to those who supported us! Now we will continue developing as an organization by acquiring a DOTA 2 female team, and with the help of our supporters, we will be able to reach the top!

FTS Queens Dota 2

FTS Queens Dota 2

We also had some time to speak with the girls in the DOTA 2 team.

We’ve just joined FTS Gaming Queens! Our goal was to find a stable organization that would not fall apart after a certain time, and a good enthusiastic organization who could handle five highly driven ladies! Thanks to Lukas “MuSc1″ Mehling we now have it all :> Hope our collaboration will be fruitful and long-lasting!

The ladies have been playing together for 4 months but their history with each other within the DOTA scene dates back for a long time. The FTS Gaming Female DOTA 2 Team consists of:


Tatyana “Brunette” Novikova

Tatyana ‘Brunette’ Novikova (Captain) – (offlane)
Assembled the first RU female team in Dota2
Numerous attendances and achievements in female LAN & online cups, SL season#6


Valery “Va1erika” Vlasova

Valery ‘Va1erika’ Vlasova – (mid)
Played DOTA since 2007
Numerous attendances and achievements in female LAN & online cups, SL season#6


Olesya “Ooops*” Zavadskih

Olesya ‘Ooops*’ Zavadskih – (support)
Played DOTA since 2012
Attendee with achievements in female online leagues, LAN cups Moscow.


Anna “Astra” Kachan

Anna ‘Astra’ Kachan – (support)
Played DOTA since 2010
Participant at GameRing female mix cup, Stand-in at GameRing female league.


Anastasiia “povidla” Orlova

Anastasiia ‘povidla’ Orlova – (carry)
Played DOTA since 2009.
Participant and prizer at female online leagues, prizer of LAN cups Moscow.


The team holds high expectations for themselves to achieve and will be participating in a Female DOTA 2 cup sometime later this month.
Our goals are to become big together. We try to play a lot of cups like VAKE Female Cup on the 27th of October, and also a lot of male cups in the near future. Later with a bigger fanbase we hope to become an even bigger sponsor who will be able to pay for trips and accommodations around the world. I think that our team is better than average because we have already showed some great performances in online cups and LAN tournaments in Russia. The skill of every girl is very high and we are also friends in real life so I think that the communication is really good compared to other female teams.

“Passion, motivation and the fact that they are very serious makes them to a amazing team” said their manager ‘MuSc1′.

The girls will be bearing the Russian flag under the organization. Their debut as a team together will be later this month in a female European DOTA 2 tournament. We wish the girls the best of luck, and we’re very happy to hear another organization showing their support in the female gaming scene! As for shout-outs and comments, they have the following to say:

A big “Thank-You!” goes out to all our supporters, followers on facebook, VK and also to Fesport for conducting this interview with us!

‘MuSc1′ also provided a shout-out:

Also a big thank you to my team and that they have the trust in my management and in my organization. Thank you to Fesport for having us in this interview! We are happy for every single support we receive. You can watch the streams of povidla (twitch.tv/povidla) and also of ooops (twitch.tv/ooops_sorry). Feel free to like our facebook page (www.facebook.com/team.fts) and follow us on (www.vk.com/fts.queens) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/teamftsgaming).


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