ESWC: French Qualifier

ESWC: French Qualifier

It is one day before ESWC Finals but at Paris Games Week there are games going on. The very last qualifier is taking place in Paris and will decide who is going to represent France at the event and will take the 8th slot of this year’s female CS:GO tournament. Let’s first of all take a look at the list of teams and their line-ups:

France Millenium: kLy, MiTsu, SaAku, sword, TORKA
France Team LDLC: IpSa, JeNnY, KiTTy-KaT, Mouse, Llo
France Reason Gaming: Abiii, Foxglove, Kim, Missa, Lalità
France Imaginary Gaming: Ju, RiMA, Lulla, AMANDiiNE, PrincesS
France FUREUR Ladies: Carott, Loonie, Ocey, Erilys, eriS
France fm eSports: Emma, TueuSe, KaaT, Amy, Svetlana

All games will take place today, the 29th of October and will start at 9:30 CET.
You can check out the list of games to be played here. We will update you with results and other information about that qualifier until we know who is the winner.


  • 9:30 Matches start.

Millenium (16:14) Team LDLC -nuke
FUREUR Ladies (4:16) fm eSports – nuke
Imaginary Gaming (4:16) Reason Gaming – cache

  • 11:00 Round 2 should start soon, games are delayed.

Millenium (15:15) Imaginary Gaming – dust2
Team LDLC (16:6) fm eSports – cache
Reason Gaming (16:4) FUREUR Ladies – inferno

  • 12:15 Round 3 about to start, behind schedule and without GOTV so far.

Millenium (16:7) fm eSports – mirage
Imaginary Ladies (16:7) FUREUR – mirage
Reason Gaming (16:10) Team LDLC – mirage

  • 13:45 Round 4 almost ready to start. GOTV available at least for one of the games.

Millenium (8:16) FUREUR – nuke
fm eSports (2:16) Reason Gaming – overpass
Imaginary Gaming (16:12) Team LDLC – inferno

  • 15:30 Last round of the group. GOTV is running for one of the most expected games today.

Millenium (16:12) Reason Gaming – overpass
FUREUR (5:16) Team LDLC – nuke
Imaginary Gaming (16:7) fm eSports – dust2


  • 16:45 Ready for the French Finals on Bo3

Reason Gaming (16:8) Imaginary Gaming – cache
Reason Gaming (18:22) Imaginary Gaming – dust2
Reason Gaming (16:10) Imaginary Gaming – nuke


Congratulations Reason Gaming, winners of the French Qualifier that allows them to get the last slot at ESWC Finals starting tomorrow.

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    Any GOTV or streams for those matches?

  2. Avatar of aNouC

    hehe sorry we kept on posting everything on facebook! Tomorrow our twitch will be available in our website too! <3

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