What’s up at Summoners Rift ladies?

What’s up at Summoners Rift ladies?

Here we go!
Some time passed and we’ve made a little review about the last year and actual movements.
People which didn’t play for a while noticed that the game itself had a lot of changes and updates; as well as the teams.

Beside new teams were formed last months, professional organisations getting more interested into female gaming at league of legends. So Team Alternate and BX3 recruited teams!

We are sure there are some well known faces for scene insider, so let’s take a look at the female League of Legends section now:






You probably heard of Kiss My Ace. After they played pretty successful in a couple of tournaments they joined BX3.
The ladies are playing together for more than a year and hit the 3rd place at ESWC in Paris! Their Line-up is almost the same, they just changed the Support-Position some weeks ago.

Toplane BX3 Ra1n
Jungle BX3 Noblessed
Midlane BX3 TIFA
AD-Carry BX3 Stratospanda
Support BX3 elin

[Server: EU/West]

ATN female





The next surprising team existed only for a few weeks. They took part of ESWC in Paris too. Before they played there, they changed the Line-up. But after some trouble at the event and later too, the Team split and ALTERNATE didn’t recruit a new team after that.
You might know some girls here, so here is the Ex-Line-up from Team ALTERNATE

Toplane (1st) Superelchi  (Later) Cait
Jungle Tinalicious
Midlane Nïtza
AD-Carry Nylanaa
Support elin

[Server: EU/West]






Never surrender never give up: Team La Fleur! They had ups and downs and at their Top they joined Team LDLC. In the end the Team split up after they played at ESWC. Some of this ladies joined new Teams, the others stepped back from playing with diffrent reason. It’s sad to loose a nice and stable Team like them, but we wish you all best for future and hope to see you back some days!

Final Line-up:
Toplane 7F Valinora
Jungle 7F Nyaice
Midlane 7F Iphig
AD-Carry 7F Aryenzzz
Support 7F Nessie
Sub Roxiel

[Server: EU/West]






New (old) team with well known faces: Vicious and Delicious ! This team made it to first place at female tournament in their very first time playing the cup! They went for ESWC in Paris too and joined Team ACER with their old Line-up. Unfortunatly the Organisation Team ACER decided to close their doors, so the girl are without an organisation for now.

Toplane Charming Breezy
Jungle Sayurit
Midlane Nïtza 
AD-Carry Sailor Siobhan
Support Sailor Midna

[Server: EU/West]






There is another girls team from Czech Republic you might know: eSuba.ladiesTheir Team exists since spring 2014.

Toplane Kamali
Jungle Delliah
Midlane Kaori
AD-Carry Samarka
Support Graci

[Server: EU/West & EUNE]






Team Dirty Diana had a break but after a reactivation in march they are fighting at summoners rift again! They just got the 1st place at EUNE and EUW ESL Cups recently!

Top Szeherezadka
Jungle MissBlair
Mid Eldunarii
Adc TauBaka
Support Ajutka

[Server: EUNE]






Team Fluffy Ducklings we’re founded one year ago. They created their team in May 2015 and took the first place at female high elo cups. After changing a part of their Line-up in January they joined an organisation called Molotovs & Marshmallows Gaming! 

Top Superelchi
Jungle Bella
Mid Sophie Mae
Adc Cathríne
Support Smoochiie

[Server: EU/West ]






Team Pink Rifles are playing on EUNE and are formed in April 2015. They take part of a couple of ESL female tournaments.

Top Msel
Jungle Ugnycka
Mid Fillio
Adc Vintisek
Support Fairy

[Server: EUNE]






Here we got another team of ladies for you, you probably know from other successful Team: Team hype! They created their facebook page just one month ago and won the 18th cup of ESL female West, also the 19th in ESL EUNE female.

Top Myshka
Jungle Reniferka
Mid Escape
Adc Aryenzz
Support Maestra

[Server: EUW & EUNE]







Romanian power! PhysX eSports got an all female team playing on EUNE Server. The girls are playing together since end of year 2015 and got every 2nd place in ESL EUNE female tournaments, when they took part of it.

Top Lav
Jungle Alexandra
Mid Aleyah
Adc Luna
Support Viva

[Server:  EUNE]

You miss some teams? We are sorry for you, but we’ve got some bad news… the following teams disbanded or aren’t active anymore:
- Wizards Club female
- Cyber Gaming Mermaids
- wSystem Club Female

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But now that’s all, folks!
See you next time.

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