Who is Hope?

Who is Hope?

Happy birthday Eva!
Today we would like to introduce our news writer, Eva “Hope” (former known as MajorHaylie) to you! She is a part of feSPORT for 2 years now and helped focus on the League of Legends scene for us.

Eva 'Hope' Franczyk

Eva ‘Hope’ Franczyk

Name: Eva
Nick: Hope
Birthday: 13.05.1988
Born in: Poland
Living in: Germany
Games: League of Legends, Counter-Strike

Hope growed up with Videogames. She started with Sega and Nintendo NES and she still love to play retro-games.
Besides that she plays a lot of other online games.

How did you started with Online Gaming?
“Actually I had no choice. When I was 11 or 12 years old my brother and I had only one computer and we had to share it. I guess like every girl at this age I was surfing, chatting and checking E-Mails. But my brother got pretty mad at me and said “You are doing nothing fun, try playing Counterstrike!”. After a couple of discussions, trouble and pressure I gave in and started to play. For the first few times playing an FPS game, I thought it was stupid but after a few days I got really into it and played for 13 years. After the game died I started to play League of Legends and still play this game today.”


Pan European Tournament in Poland 2010

Pan European Tournament in Poland 2010

Why you started to write News?
“I love to write. I’ve been writing(most of the time in German) since I was 12 years old and after I started gaming I thought about sharing my thoughts with the community. The reason why I joined feSPORT is because I want to support the League of Legends female community. I love to see the community grow and establishment of more female teams. Beside that, I know Ana ‘aNouC’ for a couple of years from my Counter-Strike times. I enjoyed playing with her in the past and I loved her idea about this project, so I want to support her and the whole team here, too!

Do you think females need their own community?
“Honestly, I think many girls enjoy playing with other girls (myself included). It’s not because I worry about what guys think or say about it, it’s simply because most guys I’ve met don’t understand that girls just wanna have fun with gaming and not with them. It’s annoying when the first questions about you are “Can I have a pic? / What’s your number? / You got a bf?” and so on.
I guess almost every woman know the moment guys change the way they talk when they realize you are a girl…I prefer to focus on the game not my hormones.
Back to topic: I think its not necessary, but it’s cool to have a team of gamers without the drama.”

What do you think about the female community?
“We are crazy, funny chickens! Compared to the Counter-Strike community, the LoL female scene is still in the beginning stages. We had good and bad times like everyone else. The girls need to get to know the other female players slowly without any pressure. I think positively about the future of the female community and I really hope it will grow like the¬†Counter-Strike scene! In my gaming years, I got to know 2 ladies who are my friends in real life now too, and I’m really thankful to call them my friends/my family. I do my best to support the community and try to deal with the individual ideas and wishes from them.”

Gamescom Germany  2014

Gamescom Germany 2014

Anything else you would like to say?
“I guess I talk too much anyways, so I will make it short:
Thank you ladies for your response about my work
Thank you feSPORT for your support!

Share some love ladies!”

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