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The LAN at St. Petersburg, Russia is drawing closer! 16th-17th July if you guys have forgotten! And a few days ago, Starladder has released the first stage schedules. So this article will be the guide that will be updated throughout next weekend with results and the next brackets. If you have missed out on the qualifier news you can check it out here – Female stars qualifiers guide.

Onto the schedule:



16.07.16 – BO3
Team Secret European Union 11:30 CET
Russian Federation EYESPORTS
Reason Gaming Russian Federation 14:30 CET
Germany Team HEAVEN
M1 Loser 17:30 CET
M2 Loser


17.07.16 – BO3
M1 Winner 11:30 CET
M2 Winner
M4 Loser 14:30 CET
M3 Winner
M4 Winner 17:30 CET
M5 Winner


There will be streams for this event:

Russian stream
English stream

Here is the prize pool incase you have forgotten:

1st prize: $5,000
2nd prize: £3,000
3rd prize: £1,000
4th prize: $1,000

Good luck to the teams in the tournament!

Source: Starladder

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