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As the year starts to come to a end, I thought it would be interesting to go back over the tournaments that the female teams have participated in, and what we could look forward to, as a female community for 2017. We’ve seen ESL step up their game, and introduce open cups exclusive for female teams, which has proven quite popular, with 32 teams allowed to sign up, to a HTC 1v1 invitational cup with pro players battling it out on aim maps including, Juliano and zAAz. Let’s take a look at the other tournaments and results for the teams of this year.

GermanyCopenhagen female 2016, March

Copenhagen Games is probably one of the top LAN tournaments for female teams, as I would say, and most people would agree, it’s a major among female CS:GO. This year we had 18 teams compete, which was split into 5 groups, with a double elimination, BO3 format. 1st and 2nd place from each groups advance to the playoffs. We had teams like PolandTeam Alsen, NorwayLGB eSports, United StatesTeam Karma (Now known as Selfless.gg), and European Uniondoyoueven make it out of groups, but it was the final between European UnionTeam Secret and United StatesCLG red, with European UnionTeam Secret taking 1st place with a convincing 16-1 on mirage, and 16-5 on cobble.

MissH_Copenhagen2016Miss Harvey (CLG Red)

1st: European UnionTeam Secret (€ 3,600)
2nd: United StatesCLG Red (€ 1,700)
3rd: GermanyExertus gaming female (€ 850)
4th: FranceMillenium ladies (€ 850)

Full info and results: Liquipedia

PolandIntel Challenge Katowice 2016, March

Katowice was another major LAN that had a pretty nice prize pool of $30,000 for the girls to compete for. First off, teams could apply to be invited to the tournament, without having to compete in the qualifier. 4 teams were chosen – European UnionWRTP (Now known as Team Secret), United StatesCLG red, FranceTeam LDLC, and BrazilSantos Dexterity. A EU, NA, and Asian qualifier took place, with FranceMillenium Ladies winning the slot from the EU qualifier, along with GermanyExertus female, United StatesTeam Karma (Now known as Selfless.gg) qualifing for NA, and Hong KongElysium cn for Asia. The 8 teams were split into two groups, with the top 2 teams from each group moving forward to the playoffs. The final results from this LAN looks like this:

Team Secret Katawice 2016WRTP wins Katowice 2016

1st: European UnionWRTP ($15,000)
2nd: United StatesCLG red ($7,000)
3rd: FranceTeam LDLC ($3,000)
4th: United StatesTeam Karma ($3,000)

Full info and results: Liquipedia

RomaniaHTC 1v1 invitational, April

The HTC invitational, which I believe was quite entertaining and different from the rest of the cups you see this year, had SwedenJulia “Juliano” Kiran and SwedenZainab “zAAz” Turkie, both from Team Secret, invited to Bucharest PGL studios, along with other pro players such as FranceRichard “shox” Papillion (G2 Sports), FranceKenny “kennyS” Schrub (EnVyUS), and Russian FederationEgor “flamie” Vasilyev (NA’VI) to battle it out for the prize of $25,000. The two girls where in seperate groups, with juliano being able to get a 1 over DenmarkCasper “CadiaN” Møller (GoRogue), zAAz unfortunately fell abit unlucky. Although the girls didn’t make it to the playoffs, it was a nice minor to be able to watch on Twitch.

Jul_zAAz_PGLJuliano and zAAz at PGL

Full info and results: Liquipedia

Skylla, June

Skylla, hosted by Challengeme.gg as a online tournament, allowed female teams qualify for their mixed tournament with the total prize pool of $2,500. There was a invitation to GermanyTeam Heaven, European UnionTeam Secret, United StatesTeam Karma (Now known as Selfless.gg), and FranceMillenium ladies to play, with two qualifiers that played out, which saw teams NorwayLGB eSports, European UnionTeam property, Russian FederationReason gaming female, and SwedenCrowns ESC Female compete with 8 male teams. Although, none of the female teams made it passed the quarter finals, I think this was a good tournament to watch alongside the all female tournaments that take place through the year.

Full info and results: Liquipedia

Russian FederationStarladder Female Stars Championship, July

Starladder hosted a female stars championship tournament, with the qualifers played online, then the LAN would be in Saint Petersburg during the VK Fest. 8 EU and CIS teams competed for 2 qualifier slots to attend. SwedenTeam Secret and GermanyTeam Heaven took the EU spots, with Russian FederationEYEsports female and Russian FederationReason gaming female taking the CIS qualifier. With a double elimination bracket, B03 format, 4 teams battled it out for the prize of $5,000. The results is as follows:

1st: European UnionTeam Secret ($5,000)
2nd: Russian FederationReason gaming ($3,000)
3rd: GermanyTeam Heaven ($1,000)
4th: Russian FederationEYESports female ($1,000)

Full info and results: Liquipedia

FranceESWC female 2016, October

October time, we’ve already had two majors in the spring – how about another one?! We have ESWC, that have been hosting female tournaments for years. Similar to Katawice, we saw 2 EU qualifiers and 1 NA qualifier to secure slots to this LAN that was happening in Paris, France. 26 teams entered into the EU qualifier, with 32 teams for NA. The defending champions, United StatesCLG Red, were traditionally invited back, along with European UnionTeam Secret because of their positive past results online and offline, with a Brazillian team, BrazilMore than you (Known as Team Alientech in the tournament). Other invites went to two french teams  – FranceTeam LDLC female, and FranceMillenium ladies. The EU qualifier #1 saw European Uniondoyoueven qualify, with qualifier #2 allowing two teams qualify, European UnionTeam property and GermanyTeam Heaven (Known at Team expert female). United StatesTeam Karma (Now known as Selfless.gg) qualifying for NA. We saw 10 teams in this offline tournament, with the format of two groups, then the top team of the group advances to the semi finals, whereas the 2-3rd team of each groups goes to the quarter finals. The finals ended up between European UnionTeam Secret and United StatesSelfless.gg which ended with a win to Team Secret with a 2-1 scoreline.

ESWC-female-2016Selfless.gg and Team Secret at ESWC 2016

1st: European UnionTeam Sceret ($7,000)
2nd: United StatesSelfless.gg ($4,000)
3rd: FranceTeam LDLC ($2,000)
4th: Russian FederationReason gaming female ($2,000)

Full info and results: Liquipedia

SwedenESU Razer female 2016, November

Dreamhack winter hosted this ESU Razer tournament, with invited teams – European Uniondoyoueven, and Russian FederationTeam4Real (Formally known at Reason gaming female), along with qualified teams that qualified online are European UnionTeam Property, SwedenCrowns ESC female, SwedenOrbit female, and NorwayLGB eSports. 6 teams played at Dreamhack, and the results are as follows:

1st: European Uniondoyoueven (€ 2,400)
2nd: SwedenOrbit female (€ 1,200)
3rd: Russian FederationTeam4Real (€ 400)
4th: NorwayLGB eSports

Full info and results: Liquipedia

United StatesAnykey invitational 2016, November

ESL organised a showmatch between European UnionTeam Secret and United StatesCLG red at IEM Oakland on the newly released inferno map. The winner would win $10,000 to donate to a charity of their choice. After CLG falling to Team Secret all year, they managed to confidently win this match against Team Secret in a 16-6 match result. CLG Red chosen online SOS as their charity choice.

Full info: Liquipedia

So there you have it! There was quite a few tournaments that happened this year, and hopefully this will be the same for 2017.

From FEsport, we wish you the best christmas, and have a happy new year, and we’ll see you in 2017!

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