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IEM Katowice, the $30,000 tournament is about to start in a couple of days. The female tournament, classed as a major, has been going for some time now. Back in 2015, Bad Monkey Gaming (Now known as Team Secret), placed 1st, along with CM Storm coming in 2nd, then UBUnited (Now known as CLG Red) as 3rd. Then even in 2016, we saw We Run this Place (Team Secret) again, securing 1st place winning $15,000, with CLG Red being 2nd, then joint 3rd – Team LDLC and Team Karma. Can we see any other female team ruining Team Secret’s streak of winning this tournament?

So for March 3rd, the tournament will begin! Let’s have a look at the groups…

 Group A
 European UnionTeam Secret (Invited) 2-0
 United StatesDignitas Female (Invited, ex-Selfless gaming) 2-1
 European UnionVexed gaming female (Eu Qualifier, ex-Team Property) 1-2
 Russian FederationEYESports female (EU Qualifier) 0-2


Group B
United StatesCLG Red (Invited) 2-0
FranceTeam LDLC Female (Invited) 1-2
GermanyTeam Expert Female (Eu Qualifier) 2-1
United StatesSilhouette (NA Qualifier) 0-2

The schedule of matches have not been released yet, but we will update this article when we will know about them as well as streams. The matches are to begin on 2rd March at 11:30CET, and can be seen on ESL’S “C” stream –

Group A matches, BO1
European UnionTeam Secret Mirage 16-1 Russian FederationEYESports female
United StatesDignitas female Overpass 12-16 European UnionVexed female
European UnionTeam Secret Mirage 16-7 European UnionVexed female
Russian FederationEYESports female Cobblestone 8-16
United StatesDignitas female
European UnionVexed female Cobblestone 4-16 United StatesDignitas female


Group B matches, BO1
United StatesCLG Red Mirage 16-6 Germanyexpert female
FranceLDLC Female Inferno 16-6 United Statessilhouette
United StatesCLG Red Cobblestone 16-8
FranceLDLC Female
GermanyExpert female Cobblestone 16-4 United Statessilhouette
FranceLDLC Female Cobblestone 11-16 GermanyExpert female


Semi-Finals, BO3
European UnionTeam Secret 2-1 GermanyExpert female
United StatesDignitas female  2-1 United StatesCLG Red
Finals, B03
United StatesDignitas female 0-2 European UnionTeam Secret

Congratulations to Team Secret!


1st: European UnionTeam Secret $15,000
2nd: United StatesDignitas female $8,000
3rd: GermanyExpert female $3,500
4th: United StatesCLG Red $3,500

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