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The site was founded in 2010 with the remains of some writers that kept femina united alive for years before. This makes fesport.com the oldest news site in the scene, always bringing the latest information. We are an international community website that covers everything related to the female gaming scene. Join us today and be a part of the community!

The Fesport Crew

Alexander 'crtmN' Nehr

Alexander ‘crtmN’ Nehr

Alexander ‘crtmN’ Nehr
Founder & Chairman
crtmN is known today for his efforts as an admin in ESL as well as his passion for e-sports and his support for the female community. He started the fesport project with Ana after sharing their ideas on a portal made by female players and for female players.
Ana "aNouC" Oliveras Davi

Ana “aNouC” Oliveras D

Ana ‘aNouC’ Oliveras
Founder & President
News Writer
Ana has always been around the female scene trying to help. From the very beginning she wanted female gamers to feel comfortable doing what they like to do. Back in time she created badGirlsclan, a club open to everyone who wanted to belong to the project which kept on growing over time. Later on she was taken by the well known team SK where she did a huge step on her career. After 2001 she had to switch from Quake to CS to continue being part of an active and competitive scene. Created the very first Female Nations Cup for CS 1.6 and a female only tournament (League of Extraordinary Women). She played on different organizations like fnatic, x6tence, redCode, etc. But never stopped doing other things. She’s been writing in Femina United for a long time and once the page decided to shut down, she came up with the idea of a portal for female players which slowly is taking form as fesport.
Anita "aNi-" Lok

Anita “aNi-” Lok

Anita ‘aNi’ Lok
Executive Director
Casting Manager, News Writer
Originally from the USA, aNi- has roots back from CS 1.6 and also CS:S. Since she has moved to Sweden, aNi- has been involved in the female e-sports scene by being members of teams such as Reason Gaming Female and Oplus. Her latest team is Begrip Ladies where she is able to invest her time in building one of the professional female CS:GO teams out there. When opportunity and schedule permits, she has also casted for FesportTV, which his the shoutcasting division under Fesport on Twitch.
Marina "sixth sense" Todorova

Marina “sixth sense”

Marina ‘sixth sense’ Todorova
‘sixth sense’ is the webmaster of fesport from Bulgaria. She works as a web designer and her passion for the female e-sports community enabled her to volunteer to help fesport’s website grow into what it is today.
Eva 'Hope' Franczyk

Eva ‘Hope’ Franczyk

Eva ‘Hope’ Franczyk
News Writer
Eva was born in Poland but lives in Germany. She has been playing computer games since she was born. After playing CS for 12 years, she moved on to LoL during Spring 2012. In her CS career she played for teams like starComa and Team ALTERNATE, professionally. During her LoL career which started 2012, she’s been improving herself and has been playing with different female teams at tournaments.


The Fesport Media Crew

Michael 'Mr Niceguy' Isaak

Michael ‘Mr Niceguy’ Isaak

Michael ‘Mr. Niceguy’ Isaak
Event Photographer
Michael is into the gaming scene since 9 years now. He is playing CS:GO, World of Tanks and different MMOs. Beside of Onlinegaming he is visiting gaming events, taking pictures of events themself and is shooting cosplayer.



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