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ESL Spring playoffs: Who’s that team?


ESL spring playoffs have started! And we’ve just had the 1st EU qualifier played out for IEM Katowice 2017 which we’ve seen team EYESports female and Team expert female go through. I thought it would be interesting to get to know the teams a little bit more that are currently active to start off the year. In this article, we ... Read More »

Pre-ESWC Interview: Ubinited


With a long history of success and achievement, Team Ubinited needs little to no introduction as they have been the dominant female team in the scene for many years. The girls are experienced and equipped with skill that dates back to the golden days of CS 1.6. In the CS:GO scene, Ubinited continued their dominance at ESWC by winning the ... Read More »

Pre-ESWC Interview: Team-LDLC

1551505_1386375154916493_10170407_n (1)

Team-LDLC is a veteran team of players who have been around for quite some time now. The ladies were seen last year at ESWC where they fell short of winning the French female qualifiers and losing to Imaginary Gaming. However, the team managed to pick themselves back up by taking in members such as “michaela” and “vilga” to compete this ... Read More »

Pre-ESWC Interview: Team Karma

Team Karma at Bootcamp

Team Karma, which is a team from North America, was given an invite slot to this year’s ESWC CS:GO Championships. They are the 2nd North American team to be invited this year, along with Ubinited. The team is made up of young and hungry players who have potential, and this year is their first debut as a team in a ... Read More »

Pre-ESWC Interview: 3DMax

Former 3DMax at ESWC 2013

3DMax, or formerly known as Mistral Gaming last year at ESWC 2013, consists of some of the top talents in the french female Counter-Strike scene to date. With a much respected and well-liked team of females in the scene, the girls had an outstanding performance last year. With their impressive performance at the female french qualifiers last year they managed ... Read More »

Pre-ESWC Interview: MyXMG Ladies

myXMG at GIGACON 2014

We don’t need much further introduction for these ladies as they have been active for over a year now. MyXMG Ladies were originally known as Lions last year when they made their first debut at the E-Sports World Cup in Paris, France. With almost the same line-up, with the exception of player “mattye”, the girls were close to making out ... Read More »

Pre-ESWC Interview: BMG Female, Defending Champions!

BMG Ladies @ Gamegune 2014

Bad Monkey Gaming Female, the defending champions of this year’s Female CSGO Finals at ESWC, Paris, are busy preparing for another important event! We have prepared a special interview on their journey to ESWC 2014. BadMonkey Gaming originally took the female CS:GO scene by storm last year when they were known as Druidz Female. By battling it out as one ... Read More »

Cutthroat from Chile


The Latin American CS:GO scene has been growing during this year but we have to pay attention to Chile this month as there is a new team to introduce to you all. Together with STRONG Ladies, No Game and ThisGirl, they are the fourth CS:GO team on that country. We’ve been contacted by Sandra ‘Mia‘ Castillo who told us about ... Read More »

Pre-ESWC Interview: blackWidow from Spain

blackWidow bootcamp 2013

Today we have one of the final Pre-ESWC interviews with the female teams that will be attending the World Cup Championships. Meet Team blackWidow, the representative of Spain, led by Ana “aNouC” Oliveras Davi. blackWidow have first made their CSGO debut last year in the ESWC CSGO Women Championships and will be back this year with a new attitude and ... Read More »

Pre-ESWC Interview: Hobby World from Russia


Today we have our feSPORT mate and part of the Russian CS:GO team Hobby World (previously known as Begrip); Anita ‘aNi’ Lok in the interview to talk a little bit about the upcoming ESWC. Here’s what she told us about the team, their preparation and their thoughts on the event: Tell us more about your lineup and the function each ... Read More »

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