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FTS Gaming Acquires Female DOTA 2 Team

FTS Gaming

When we first heard about FTS Gaming, we were immediately drawn to their female CS:GO team which competed in the Eastern European CSGO Female ESWC qualifiers in August. The girls were a Russian based team who lost to HyperShots female in the ESWC Eastern online qualifier. Today we received exciting news that the German-based gaming organization have decided to support ... Read More »

Introducing 5 Elements Female DOTA 2 Team!


Recently we have gotten news about a new Female DOTA 2 team on the rise! Please welcome 5 Elements female team! We’ve had the pleasure of conducting an interview with one of their players, “mew” and she has this to share: Please take some time to answer some of the following questions for your interview. First off what happened with your ... Read More »

Introducing: A New Female DOTA 2 Community

A new female DOTA 2 community has been born, united by the name Female DotA2, some of the girls from the scene have decided to put up a website just for news, and profiles of DOTA 2 female teams from around the world. You can send them an e-mail to let them know you want your own female DOTA 2 ... Read More »

SteelSeries Partners with PMS Asterisk

PMS Asterisk* DOTA 2 2013

We have uncovered another piece of news today with more DOTA 2 scene coverage. Today we will present PMS Asterisk* , a fairly popular female DOTA 2 squad from Singapore with its roots dating back from 2005 with the original DOTA. Recently, they have expanded their female organization and picked up a female League of Legends squad as well!   ... Read More »

Queens of Paint

Queens of Paint DOTA 2 Female Squad

We find yet another female DOTA 2 Team, and this time, they are an interesting one because they have quite the international composition! We wish the best of luck to the ladies in Queens of Paint (qop.) and we look forward to hearing about their DOTA 2 ventures! Here is an official statement from their facebook page: Queens of Paint ... Read More »

Na`Vi with a new Squad!

Na`Vi DOTA2 Female Squad 2013

We have finally uncovered the news that Na`Vi has a female DOTA 2 squad! Read below as the Na`Vi statement published from their official site about this line up!   Natus Vincere organization is pleased to announce the new DotA2-roster. From now on, five beautiful girls will represent the ranks of team Na`Vi in DotA2: Anastasia “PerfectVoid” Dmitrenko (captain); Masha ... Read More »

LGD Gaming picks up new Team!

LGD Gaming Female DOTA 2 Team 2013

One of the biggest names in the DOTA 2 professional community is LGD Gaming, originating from China. A few months back, they have revealed that they picked up a female DOTA 2 team, which is composed of the following lineup: “yoyiki.Una” (Manager) “Leah” (Captain) “Mint” “MiAO” “rAnee” “Peach” We wish the best of luck to these ladies! Read the FB ... Read More »

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