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What’s up at Summoners Rift ladies?


Here we go! Some time passed and we’ve made a little review about the last year and actual movements. People which didn’t play for a while noticed that the game itself had a lot of changes and updates; as well as the teams. Beside new teams were formed last months, professional organisations getting more interested into female gaming at league ... Read More »

Where are our Teams? LoL female Teams Part #3


This is our third news post about female teams. Let’s see which exciting changes have happened since the last post. Overall it has been a bit quiet for some time now. One of the reasons is that a couple of girls are taking a break from League of Legends and probably another is that  many teams are rebuilding their line-ups ... Read More »

New faces, new teams!


About two months ago we’ve shown you a couple of changes and new teams in our changes over changes news post. Now we would like to review what has happened in the EU/West female scene! In order to be able to compare the two newsposts, we have kept the same order. Let’s go ! It seems like Team La Fleur are at ... Read More »

Changes over changes


It was quiet during the summer around the female scene. Still, there have been a couple of team and roster changes and in some recently formed teams you might recognize some faces. So lets start! What happened to myRevenge Valkyries? After a long time playing together and defending their place at the top of female League of Legends scene they don’t ... Read More »

gBots Kitties – Never give up, never surrender!

gBots Kitties

In April we wrote about the DreamHack and the winners of female tournamet. Some time passed by and this team still stick together even when there were some changes. So now we would like to introduce you to: gBots Kitties! The Team was created in February. When they played the first time together they instantly won a female tournament in ... Read More »

My Idol Girls got a new home

MYIG Penta

My Idol Girls exist since 2013 and had some Line-up changed recently. After the changes the girls decided to join an organisation: PENTA Sports. In the past you saw them taking part in some female cups. But for the moment the girls are practising with the new Line-up as much as possible and prepare their team for official matches like tournaments. Last weekend they ... Read More »

Do you know the grandious Team La Fleur? Get to know them!

La Fleur Banner

Pretty sure some of you already know the Team La Fleur! They are mostly participating at any kind of female LoL Cups and usually get a placement in Top 3. Just some days ago they won the first myRevenge female Cup. After some changes they are looking for new members who are motivated to play serious. About the Team: nightf4ll founded the ... Read More »

GF-Gaming With a New Player

GF-Gaming LoL Female Team 2013

GF-Gaming LoL Female introduces a new member. She has been playing LoL for three years and will be the new support of the team since the one they had moved to the jungle role… Here’s the full statement to welcome Helena ‘Diamant06′ Christensen in the team and also to explain all the moves in the team!   Hey Guys! If you ... Read More »

Action Team eSports with a LoL Lineup!

Action Team eSports LoL Ladies Team 2013

Action Team eSports announces their new League of Legends lineup! Get to know them better by following their facebook site! The Lineup is: Luvfool Nicole “Lunna” Oliver Esther “Teh Rush” Souza Beatriz “Beatriz” Camacho Littner stuff. Check out their website for more information! We wish the ladies the best of luck! Read More »

Influxo Gaming with new Team!

Female LoL Team Influxo Gaming

We present today the Brazilian team Influxo Gaming | They have now a female League of Legendsteam by adquiring the girls from Swedish. Here’s their lineup: Bárbara “Babiii” Micheletto Débora “Yuuki” Abrantes Jacqueline “ellasz” Wu Marianna “Mey” Ribeiro Bárbara Becker “Mochi” We want to wish all the best to these ladies! Source: Influxo Gaming | A Influxo Gaming apresenta e da as boas vindas a ... Read More »

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