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Who is Hope?

Happy birthday Eva! Today we would like to introduce our news writer, Eva “Hope” (former known as MajorHaylie) to you! She is a part of feSPORT for 2 years now and helped focus on the League of Legends scene for us. Name: Eva Nick: Hope Birthday: 13.05.1988 Born in: Poland Living in: Germany Games: League of Legends, Counter-Strike Hope growed ... Read More »

Let’s talk about ESL LoL Female


The ESL League of Legends Female Cups are running with a new system. We talked to some admins about the changes. There were some changes to the female cups in July. Were there any problems with the old system? Which modifications were made to the cup? What do you expect from the renewals? Can you tell us the process of ... Read More »

nocti – power woman with great energy


The female League of Legends scene is still growing and besides the usual gaming and streaming girls there is a really exciting girl among them! Some people might already know her because of the stuff she is doing, but she is not just your “standard” gamer; check out her interview! Today we would like to introduce Nocti to you! Name: ... Read More »

Gamer, cosplayer, seamstress – All in one!

Weatherlight Banner

Some of you might know her from different ESL Cups, her awesome cosplay pictures or maybe you even bought a hat from her shop. We can all agree that there  is exactly one girl we’re talking about: Weatherlight! So, what she is doing? Weatherlight is taking part of the female LoL scene and played for Teams like “grow up Queens” ... Read More »

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